Former Minister for the Environment backs PM's call for an Atomic Future

The Prime Minister has claimed that "nuclear power has to be part of Britain's energy future."

His view is backed by two main arguments: nuclear technology's vital role in the fight against climate change and the future security of Britain's natural gas supplies.

The crux of the Prime Minister's case is not that new nuclear power stations should be built instead of investing in renewable sources and energy efficiency, but that all three are needed if the country is to stand a chance of meeting demanding targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions whilst keeping the lights on.

Sir Robert Atkins MEP, former Minister for the Environment, Deputy Leader of the Conservative delegation in the European Parliament and long term advocate of nuclear power said:

"Nuclear power is the only way that Britain can realistically hope to secure its energy needs and play a full part in the global fight against climate change. I am, therefore, pleased that the Prime Minister has put this issue back on the agenda.

There are a large number of jobs in the North-West that are dependent on the present nuclear industry and which will hopefully be secured and added to by these developments."

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