Sir Robert Atkins, Tory MEP for the North West and Conservative Spokesman on Industry lashed out at Green and Liberal MEPs on his Committee who are again attempting to restrict, damage or close down Sellafield and its supporting sites around the North West.

"I declare my interest in the futures of thousands of my Constituents who work in the industry, who live nearby and in the Company which contributes so successfully to energy generation, waste recycling and environmental improvement," he stated "and I declare an animus against those politicians from whichever party and whatever country who, through ill-informed prejudice, ignore the facts and seek to destroy livelihoods, advanced technology and economic prosperity."

The debate was about three European Commission Directives which would result in yet more control and regulation for the Nuclear industry, this time by the Commission itself.

"This important sector of the British economy is the most regulated in the world - and the safest, "commented Sir Robert. "Of course, we must never be complacent or refuse to make improvements when and where necessary. But there is a limit and I suspect the motives behind at least one of these proposed Directives. So I shall continue to fight for this industry, this company and those who work in both."

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