Sir Robert Atkins Speaks out for British Nuclear Industry

The Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins, North West MEP and Conservative Spokesman on the European Parliament's Transport Committee, challenged anti-nuclear campaigners and MEP's on their "ill-informed scare-mongering" over the transport of nuclear & radioactive material and their concerted attempts to ban such operations, during a lengthy hearing on the issue in Brussels.

"No one is ever complacent about safety", he said, "but the fact is that this industry has a record of no injuries and no deaths during 40 years of transportation. What other industry can say the same?"

Sir Robert was scathing in his denunciation of those MEPs who gave little or no thought to the 13,000+ of his own Constituents working at Sellafield and Springfields and elsewhere in the UK. "The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution said only last week that if we are to meet the necessary target of a 60% reduction in greenhouse gases, Britain would need another 46 nuclear power stations - as the cleanest means of generating power for our people."

"If those with an anti-nuclear agenda really cared about the environment and our citizens' futures, they would think hard before they spoke. If I am being charitable," said Sir Robert, "I would say they are just talking nonsense. If, as I suspect, they are determined to destroy an excellent, profitable and proud industry and the livelihoods that go with it, then they are a dangerous menace and should be exposed as such."

Editors Note:

The Public Hearing by the EP Committee on Regional Policy, Transport & Tourism about the transportation of nuclear/radioactive material took place on Wednesday, 21st June, when expert witnesses representing the industry, environmental and anti-nuclear interests were questioned by MEPs.

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