Support for North West Fishermen

The Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins, MEP for the North West, today urged the Transport Committee to press for financial support for small, older, owner-skippered vessels to assist them in renewing, re-equipping and re-training under the provisions of EC Report on Safety and the Causes of Accidents being considered by the Fisheries Committee.

"North West Fishermen are having a very hard time at present", commented Sir Robert, "and they can do without yet more financial and bureaucratic burdens upon their activities and livelihoods. If these safety and training measures are to become mandatory upon these vessels it must be right for there to be funds made available in the UK - as in other EU States - to assist in improvements."

"I call upon both the Commission and the British Government", concluded the North West MEP, "to help the fishing industry rather than to hinder it."

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