Preserving British loaf as we know it is perfect start to National Bread Week

Existing pack sizes for pre-packed bread will remain on sale in UK as Warburton’s begins a week celebrating the great British loaf

Brussels, 8 May 2007 — British pre-packed loaves will continue to be available on shop shelves in their traditional sizes thanks to the efforts of Conservative MEP Sir Robert Atkins.

Concerns that the size of the traditional British loaf would be affected were voiced in relation to the Directive on Nominal Quantities for Pre-Packed Products. A Conservative amendment to the Directive, which means loaves can continue to be bought at the sizes people are used to, will be confirmed in the European Parliament on Wednesday May 9th.

Sir Robert, Conservative Deputy Leader in the European Parliament said: “This is good news to kick off National Bread Week. British people are used to buying their pre-packed bread in traditional sizes and will be able to carry on doing so.

“The EU Nominal Quantities Directive is generally a liberalising proposal, which I very much support. Obligatory national sizes for products will be lifted giving greater flexibility to producers.

“This means bakers can now have the best of both worlds. They can continue to sell bread in the traditional sizes customers are used to, despite initial concerns that the proposed Directive might change that, but they also have the freedom to opt for other sizes if they wish to cater for particular groups of customers like single people who may prefer smaller loaves.

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