Junior Doctors receive Tory MEP support as they attempt to reduce hours

Overworked junior doctors were supported last week as MEP's voted to reduce their working week to a maximum of 48 hours. Tory MEP's strongly supported this amendment as the current working conditions that junior doctors face in Britain are extremely onerous.

Sir Robert Atkins, North West member of the European Parliament, said that "junior doctors are receiving little help from the British government as they face ever worsening working hours. They are, in some circumstances, working a 72 hour week and this is clearly unacceptable. These conditions cannot be placed on anybody and the British government are working junior doctors to the bone."

The European Parliament had the opportunity to try and solve the growing crises in Britain by implementing this amendment. It has done so with Sir Robert's support. "It is a shame that junior doctors are still facing troubled working conditions. The domestic government now needs to pay specific attention to the issue before it spirals out of control. I feel that it may already be too late however as they have neglected the problem for long enough."

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