East Timor

The Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins, MEP was part of a group of British Tory MEP's who questioned the Indonesian Ambassador on the sorry state of affairs prevalent in East Timor. The Ambassador was addressing the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament and was clearly taken aback by the persistent questioning on the Indonesian Government's collaboration with the militias who had committed murder, torture, pillage and rape amongst the East Timoreans.

British Tory MEP's were dissatisfied with the position as stated by the Ambassador and have decided to pursue their concerns with the Foreign Office and through the auspices of the European Parliament.

"We will continue this campaign" commented Sir Robert Atkins. "The Indonesian Government must be under no illusions about how we view its behavior and how we now expect it to behave properly with the UN Peacekeeping Force. It must also pursue the murderers and other criminals with vigor and bring them to justice".

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