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A fortnight ago, I visited Glaxo-Wellcome at Ulverston and heard much about the company's achievements in the development and production of new drugs. The second-largest employer in South Cumbria, it comprises some impressive and committed people. All the more depressing, therefore, to read a day or so later that one of Frank Dobson's "helpful advisory committees" has suggested that an important new anti-flu drug manufactured by Glaxo - "Relenza" - should not be used by the NHS. Is it any wonder that the Company's Chairman despairs of Glaxo's future in Britain?

I took a helicopter trip last Friday to the Morecambe Bay Gas Field to see for myself what goes on at this fascinating energy production operation, which produces 20% of the gas used in the UK. We should be very proud of the British achievement that discovered and developed the site and I was mightily impressed - not least at the high standards of safety to which everyone works.

The fight goes on for British Beef exports. Tory MEP's have written to every French and German MEP Demanding that they tell their Governments to abide by the rules. And the European Commission must enforce them!

I made a point of attending the North West Regional Assembly in Preston recently. A great deal of bumph, waffle and fine intentions at the taxpayers' expense, it seems to me. But it is a body with which regional MEP's should liaise and you have my assurance that Tories will attend and participate - if only to keep a close watch on the Lib/Lab majority and their high-flown plans to spend even more money.

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