Monthly newsletter Edition 2 Sir Robert reports:- Page 2

Incidentally, it takes between four and six weeks to obtain an Answer to a Written Parliamentary Question, which compares very unfavorably to the two to seven days that I was required to observe when I was a Minister at Westminster. Improvements are needed and I have written to the President of the Parliament asking for just that.

North West Labour MEP's sprang a Regional Conference in Brussels on us last month, telling us only days before that it was happening and "forgetting" to invite us to the preceding evening's Dinner. Needless to say, we made our presence felt in due course and made it crystal clear to all concerned that, whilst we have considerable reservations about the need for, or the operation of, Labour's Regional Development Association and Assembly, we are not going to let them get away unobserved and uncriticised!

I am now building up excellent contact with Council Tory Group Leaders, and this is essential if we are to provide a united opposition to Labour and Liberal Parties at national and local level. Where we control a council, it is even more important that the liaison works effectively and, as the Party's Transport, Tourism & Regional Affairs Spokesman in the Parliament, I an grateful for all that you do. Please keep up the good work.

I was contacted by a number of pro-life Constituents recently, in connection with Dana's Parliamentary attempt to provide financial resources for women's organisations other then just the pro-abortion lobby, which is the case at present. Dana 0 officially Mrs. Rosemary Scallon MEP - tried hard but, sadly, we were in a minority and lost. We will regroup and fight another day.

I attended a conference last Friday on the need for a Heyssham - M6 Link, sponsored by the Port and other local companies, Lancashire County Council and Lancaster City. I was accompanied by two of the new Tory PPCs, for Morecambe and Lancaster & Wyre, David Nuttall and Steve Barclay. This project is vital for the future of both Constituencies and they expressed their support for the Campaign. For my part, I confirmed that, whenever the opportunity arose, I would press for the proposed Link to become part of a Trans-European Network .

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