Monthly newsletter Edition 2 Sir Robert reports:-

Conservative MEP's have been waging a very effective campaign in defense of British Beef - Committee at Brussels, in the Parliament at Strasbourg and on the streets of Paris! Our activities have been in stark contrast to Labour MEP's and their own Goverment's Ministers and, in company with my colleagues, I was party to at the presentation of a huge NFU petition to Agriculture Commissioner Franz Fischer. We also put Commissioner Byrne - responsible for food safety through his paces a few days ago and attacked Nick Brown for his weak negotiating with the French.

Reflecting upon the Party Conference, I was delighted that my initiative in inviting some representative local Food Producers to titillate the taste buds of Conference attendees proved so successful. Cheese from Garstang, Sausages from Carlisle, Ice Cream from Northwich and Vegetables from West Lancashire - a veritable feast of high quality regional fare from the heart of Great Britain!

We won a victory for the continuation of School Milk at the recent Parliamentary Session in Strasbourg - a benefit for Dairy Farmers and School children alike. Another threat lifted and credit is due to the Centre Right Group in the Parliament.

The problems of aircraft delays due to Air Traffic congestion are getting greater. My last eight flights to and from Manchester have been late by an hour or more, one by more than two hours. The costs to business, the environment, tourism and the general quality of travel are increasing daily and the imminent holidays season will exacerbate the difficulties. I am pressing Transport Commissioner Palacio for action and tabled a whole series of Parliamentary Questions for her to answer. It is essential that European Air Traffic Control services are reformed, restructured and liberalised and the UK can consolidate its pre-eminent position in this area by privatising the National Air Traffic Service as soon as possible. It would seem that, just for once, John Prescott has got a policy right - but then it is a Tory one!

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