Monthly newsletter Edition 4 Sir Robert reports:- Page 2

It is hardly a surprise to learn that, despite much huffing and puffing by Labour MPs MEPs and Councillors, the deficiencies in Government Regional Assistance Funds affecting East Lancashire, West Cumbria and parts of Cheshire and the Wirral have not been changed by Labour Ministers. That was what I was forewarned about by Commissioner Barnier when I lobbied him late last year and, sadly, he has been proved right. I hope that Council Taxpayers will remember at the next Council Elections who took away their funding. Is it any wonder that Liverpool MP, Peter Kilfoyle, resigned from the Government because he reckons that the NW is not getting its fair share of resources and attention?

One or two interfering MEPs & Commissioner want the EU to be more involved in European sport. Apparently the dictates of "social and racial equity", the "educational implications" and the requirement that more people must get fitter and must enjoy themselves equals more "co-ordination and co-operation between sporting organisation under the control of the European Commission". Rely on a former Sports Minister to block that proposal at every turn!

I was present at a select Dinner in Strasbourg last month given for Martin Lee (Leader of the Democratic Party of Hong Kong), to recognise the award of the Robert Schuman Gold Medal for his work in the cause of democracy and human rights in China. Mr. Lee is a remarkable man and he was very grateful for the Parliamentary spotlight on his activities, which strengthens him and his colleagues in continuing their campaign. Unsurprisingly, Chinese Government representatives were out in force during the event and wre not over-happy with MEPs dwelling on their country's human rights record. What price freedom?

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