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On behalf of all ten NW MEPs, I had a letter published in "The Times" about the Daresbury Research Laboratory in Warrington and why the "Diamond" synchrotron light source project should be based there rather than the South of England. All political parties are united in a desire for Daresbury to win this competition and Labour's Industry Secretary must pay heed to the strength of the campaign.

The Commission is demanding further action to clean up the Region's beaches, particularly at Blackpool and Southport. I pushed the programme along when I was Environment Minister and North-West Water have spent many millions of pounds on modernising and improving their sewage outflows at Fleetwood and Crosby. The problem is litter, from people and ships, and I do not see much evidence of real interests from Labour's Environment Ministers. What are they doing about it?

I had a very productive meeting with Chester City Council's Tory Leadership last month and was able to discuss a number of issues relevant to their Council Campaign in the Spring. I was also present at the first Press Launch of the City's new P.P.C., David Jones, who had been selected the night before.

Another attendance at the NW Regional Assembly last month. What a waste of time, effort and money this is! The huge amounts of glossy paper produced to tell us what we already know, the lengthy waffle about social inclusion, regional influence and issues of little concern to local people all combine to demonstrate the incompetent hypocrisy of Labour's attempts to devalue and destroy local government in general and County Councils in particular. And you will be asked to pay up to 50% more for your local Council to be a member of this worthless organisation!

And whilst I am on the subject of waffle, Neil Kinnock produced his package of reforms for Europe recently. Too little and much too late is the general judgement. Conservatives spelt out a 10-point plan to clean up the Commission in our European Election Manifesto, all of which could be implemented swiftly. Commissioner Kinnock has only addressed four of those points and talks vaguely about dealing with a further three in the distant future. What an opportunity missed! Conservative MEPs will evaluate the proposals and advance our Reform Plans on every appropriate occasion.

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