Conservative MEPs Lift Threat to Red Ensign

Merchant fleets have been saved from having to display the European flag on the Red Ensign following a vote today in the European Parliament. Conservative MEPs led the campaign to ensure this symbol of British naval history was not lost.

MEPs rejected a proposal which states that 'ships registered in a Member State shall display the emblem of the European Union, i.e. a circle of 12 gold stars on a square blue background, in a corner of their flags'.

The threat to the Red Ensign was lifted despite British Labour and Liberal Democrat Group MEPs supporting these plans in Transport Committee.

The Rt. Hon Sir Robert Atkins, North West MEP, said:

"The proposal to replace the Red Ensign with the European flag was yet another attempt to force the EU identity onto Member States. There was no justification for the compulsory display of the EU symbol on the Red Ensign - it would not have enhanced security or ease of identification.

Hundreds of years of maritime tradition were under threat, and I am delighted that Britain's merchant fleet can continue to proudly fly the historic Red Ensign."
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