Labour MEPs challenged to justify backing for more Red Tape

The Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins, MEP for the North West Region, has challenged the Labour MEPs in his region to justify their support for the unnecessary euro- red tape that is destroying local jobs. Sir Robert's call follows the announcement at last week's CBI Annual Conference in Manchester that 7 out of 10 of the UK's worst pieces of red tape have originated in Brussels.

In particular, the CBI highlighted the threat to jobs posed by the new Temporary Workers Directive.

"Last week, the Director-General of the CBI, Digby Jones, recommended that CBI members check the voting record of their local MEPs on the Temporary Workers Directive.

The CBI has placed this directive at the top of its list of the 10 most unwelcome EU regulations, and estimated that it will cost 160,000 temporary jobs in the UK alone.

Along with other Conservative MEPs, I voted against this Directive in the European Parliament, whilst Labour MEPs supported it against the wishes of the CBI, the EEF and the Recruitment & Employment Confederation. We are not prepared to see jobs thrown away. Sadly, our Labour counterparts do not seem to share our concern.

Labour claims to be business-friendly. Time after time in Europe, their actions prove just how hollow this claim really is.

It is important that UK businesses know who is on their side, and - more importantly - who is not. Those who support additional red tape clearly are not", concluded Sir Robert Atkins.

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