MEP Backs Plans to Restart Nuclear Reprocessing at Thorp Plant

British Nuclear Group is hopeful that work will soon re-start at the Thorp plant. The necessary approval from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and from the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate is expected to be granted in the near future.

Criticising Manx Government opposition to the plans, Sir Robert Atkins MEP and former Minister for the Environment said:

"The British Nuclear Group is carrying out an extensive internal safety review to ensure that the plant meets rigorous safety standards. Management have invested heavily in technical and behavioural training and have engaged WANO (World Association of Nuclear Operators) to help employees improve their focus on nuclear safety by improving their analytical and decision making abilities.

The Thorp plant employs 1000 people and supports an additional 200 jobs in the local community. Unfounded and ill informed criticism from the Manx Government should not be allowed to influence any decision to reopen the plant later this year and secure these jobs."

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