"By voting for the controversial Environmental Liability report in the European Parliament today - in direct opposition to their own Government's advice - North West Labour and Liberal MEPs threaten jobs, profits and the effectiveness of one of the region's most important companies." So declared Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins, North West Tory MEP and his Party's Industry Spokesman.

"When this matter came to my Committee I was delighted to find the British Government in total support of the Conservative position - namely the "polluter must pay" principle - but that a realistic responsibility should be laid on various industry sectors," commented Sir Robert. "Imagine my astonishment then, to see Labour MEPs tabling amendments and making speeches in direct contravention to their Government's declared policy and the best interests of British Industry - not for the first time, I should say."

"BNFL and its workforce are entitled to ask these MEPs to justify their actions and to explain their reasons and I challenge them to do so," concluded the Tory MEP.

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