Speech on Sellafield & Airline Crisis

Mr President, much as I love Senator Doyle and her Irish friends, she is quite wrong about Sellafield in my constituency. I told her so, and the Irish Government so when I was the Northern Ireland Minister responsible for Energy and I reiterate that view now. I applaud the British Government's decision on the MOX plant, a long overdue decision which is going to ensure the economic and employment future of my constituents. So my message on that is to keep your hands of Sellafield.

Briefly, about aviation. I congratulate Commissioner Palacio on the actions that she has already taken but there are three things we need to emphasise: firstly we must protect the aircraft on the ground; once someone is on the aircraft they can do more damage. Secondly we must renew and reinvigorate security screening at airports and thirdly we must assist with the costs of security and war-risk insurance. We must restore public confidence in aviation and the sooner the better.

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