Conservatives want simplified treaty not new constitution

By closing the door on more enlargement, Commission President Barroso has reopened the question of bringing the constitution in through the back door. Conservatives are ready for the new battle.

Strasbourg: September 29: EU commission president José Manuel Barroso has called for "sweeping reforms" before any new EU enlargement, declaring that, "I think it would be unwise to bring in more member states apart from Romania and Bulgaria, which will be joining us soon, before we have solved the institutional question."

Sir Robert Atkins MEP, Conservative Deputy Leader in the European Parliament, said:

"The phrase, "institutional question" is, of course, Euro-code for the EU constitution. President Barroso has dismissed the idea of small treaty changes, insisting any further enlargement 'is the time to take a decision on the constitutional treaty'.

Conservatives believe that the EU must be simpler, less bureaucratic and more efficient. The Constitution is not the answer. The EU needs a simplifying treaty in which larger states like the UK get more voting rights in the Council, more MEPs and more Commissioners. Only a 'power rebalance' will make the EU work. We must not waste time on raising the dead constitution."

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