Sir Robert comments on Lisbon Treaty

Commenting on Labour’s refusal to give the British people a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty before ratification, Sir Robert Atkins MEP said:

“David Cameron was wholeheartedly committed to delivering us a referendum on Lisbon and securing a ‘no’ vote that would have then sunk the treaty. However, the circumstances have now changed and we must move on.

“The Conservative Party has a clear and honest policy on the EU. We believe that the EU can play an important role in areas such as climate change, global poverty and in providing opportunities for British businesses, but we are also committed to a more flexible relationship with the EU where we return some powers to our own domestic government.

“It is the worst hypocrisy for Labour Ministers to complain about our position. Labour and the Liberal Democrats have nothing to be triumphant about after they betrayed the British people in not honouring their pledge to hold a referendum when it could have resulted in the defeat of the Lisbon Treaty.

“David Cameron is clearly showing himself to be a Prime Minister in waiting, whilst Gordon Brown is acting more like a Leader of an Opposition every day.”

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