The Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins, MEP for the North West, today slammed a report in front of his committee which seeks to restrict or prevent the transportation of nuclear material throughout the EU.

"This report, produced by a French Green MEP, is tendentious, biased, factually wrong and particularly offensive to all those who work in the nuclear industry in the North West Region" declared Sir Robert. "It suggests that safety is compromised, that the material is not checked properly, that it is transported willy-nilly without due care and attention and that accidents are just waiting to happen. None of that is true - in anyway - and I made it clear that British Conservatives would vote out this report, neck and crop, when it comes before the full Parliament."

The North West MEP reminded the Committee that there had never been a fatality in the transportation of nuclear material, unlike almost every other industry, and, whilst not complacent about safety, the industry was very proud of that record.

- Bguin Report on the safe transport of radioactive material in the European Union ((1998)0155 - C5-0034 - 1998/2083(COS))

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