Save our Soccer Campaign Launch

Former Sports Minister and North West Conservative MEP, Sir Robert Atkins, is today joining the Save Our Soccer Campaign, to persuade the European Commission not to outlaw football transfer fees, launched today by British Tory MEP's.

Sir Robert Atkins, the Member of the Parliament's Sports Intergroup, believes that the new proposals could damage the game and cheat football fans.

Sir Robert Atkins commented, "The transfer system we have now is by no means perfect but the current proposals will pull the financial rug from under the feet of small clubs and grass-roots soccer. Clubs will no longer have an incentive to train and develop young players because there will be no way to recoup that investment by selling players on."

Under the new proposals, players will be able to leave their club at short notice for relatively small sums of money. It is estimated that players could leave any club within three months, meaning clubs will no longer have the long term stability that contracts currently provide for. Fans could see their team changing shape and structure at every match.

Sir Robert Atkins said, "Not only will clubs not have the stability of knowing that they have players for at least a few years, but equally clubs will be able to ditch players just as easily.

Under the current system both players and clubs have some stability with the contracts they sign. Surely it is common-sense, that the emphasis should be on retaining players, not swapping them like Pokemon cards, especially in today's high stakes, multi-million pound game.

Most fans support a team because they feel affinity with their achievements and the players. If the make-up of that team changes every few games there is a real danger that fans will be put off.

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