Europe should stop interfering in Britain's road safety

The EU is doing more than it should

Brussels, 27 March 2006 -- Proposals for a European driving licence and standard European rules for obtaining one - which were given the green light by EU Ministers today - are wholly unwanted and unnecessary for the United Kingdom, which already has the safest roads in Europe, Sir Robert Atkins MEP, Conservative Member of the Transport Committee in the European Parliament, said today.

The proposals must now pass through the European Parliament for a 'second reading' later this year. When the proposals last came before the Parliament, Conservatives submitted a proposal to reject them on the basis that the UK's national system for awarding driving licences is tried and tested.

Sir Robert said:

"A common design for licences across the European Union is understandable but why does the EU have to meddle in a system that is tried and tested?

"Britain's roads are already the safest in Europe and the proposals being put forward today will do nothing to improve Britain's road safety.

"Rather than making our roads safer, these proposals will saddle the British motorist with more expense, bureaucracy and inconvenience."

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