David Cameron is first UK party leader pledged to end the Strasbourg Parliament

In the cause of reforming the EU, David Cameron signs the Europe-wide petition to abandon the wasteful Strasbourg Parliament, saving £135 million per year.

At the Conservative conference, David Cameron became the first UK party leader to sign the 1,000,000 strong petition to terminate the Strasbourg parliament.

He signed the www.oneseat.eu campaign which aims to persuade the European Commission and the member states that Brussels must be the sole seat of the European Parliament and that the monthly parliamentary sessions in Strasbourg bring the reputation of the EU into disrepute.

On the day David Cameron and Sir Robert Atkins MEP, Deputy Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament, launched the new Movement for European Reform, Sir Robert said:

“David Cameron’s endorsement of the campaign is a symbol of how we Conservatives want to reform Europe. To be in Europe, leading in Europe is our aim. Ending the Strasbourg circus is a first step on the road to reform.”

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