"A Ticklish Problem" declares Trade Commissioner Lamy"

In answer to a question yesterday from the Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins MEP (North West) about British-based millionaire, Lakshmi Mittal, and the legality of his moves to protect his US and Romanian Steel interests at the expense of British workers, Trade Commissioner Lamy stated that "this is a ticklish problem". He was also "monitoring British newspapers closely to watch developments."

Tony's crony, Lakshmi Mittal, was at the forefront of lobbying US President George Bush to put swingeing import tariffs on EU steel exports, having recently given £125,000 to the Labour Party. Mittal also successfully begged the President to exclude Romania from these tariffs, as a result of which he stands to make billions of pounds profit by endangering the viability of British steel companies.

"What rank hypocrisy!", declared European Parliament Trade Spokesman, Sir Robert Atkins. "Mittal gives money to Labour. Blair lobbies in Romania for preferential treatment for Mittal's company. Mittal stabs British steel workers in the back. No wonder the Commissioner thinks it is a "ticklish problem". I call it a shabby betrayal and Blair ought to come clean, disown his crony and give the money back."

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