Tory MEPs have a lotta bottle

Pinta in safe in our hands

BRUSSELS, 2 February 2006 -- The British pint of milk is safe after Conservative MEPs hammered out a deal to exclude the much-loved ‘pinta’ from EU legislation on quantity sizes for pre-packaged foods.

MEPs overwhelmingly backed the Conservative amendment to preserve the pint.

An agreement to maintain the established quantities (400g and 800g) for sliced bread also won strong support, ensuring British consumers will get more dough for their dough as well as keeping their pinta.

Concerns had been expressed that deregulating the pack sizes of sliced bread would result in a free-for-all in weights and sizes that would confuse consumers.Sir Robert Atkins Conservative MEP said the vote was a victory for British consumers and common sense.

He said:

“We want to sweep away unnecessary rules and let producers and consumers have a free choice.

“But there are some special items, like milk and bread, where it’s right that rules should be kept in place.

“Consumers would be confused if a new range of sizes were suddenly to appear on the shelves.

“The pint is part of our heritage and we don’t want to see it disappear.

“Sliced bread will also be excluded from these rules. Consumers can be sure they are getting the full weight of bread when the pick up a pre-packed loaf.”

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