A Report from the European Parliament could bring misery to millions of British taxpayers, said North West Conservative MEP Sir Robert Atkins.

The draft Report, presented to the European Parliament's Transport Committee last week, plans to impose tax levies, tolls and a raft of other charges right across the board, on transport users.

Conservative MEPs will fight on behalf of the travelling public and UK business to get this report thrown out. Speaking today in Brussels, Sir Robert Atkins said:

"This so called "initiative" wants to force up the cost of travel to the British public. Road users would have to pay for the construction and maintenance of roads through a specific additional tax. It also suggests charging for access to railway stations and loading more costs on to ferries and cargo shipping."

"Continually piling on more and more EU tax burdens will simply push business out of Europe to more competitive centres, placing even more jobs at risk. This report will also hit the poorest sections of our community, the disabled and those living in rural areas, who often have little choice in the method of transport they use. It's a crazy proposal," concluded Sir Robert.

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