UK Regions Losing Millions as EU Funding Scandal Gets Worse

The UK's regions are losing out on millions of pounds in potential EU funding thanks to government incompetence.

Under European rules on funding, unspent money is lost if not used after two years. Conservative MEP for the North West, Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins, has uncovered the fact that £5122 million that was earmarked for local projects in his region has now been lost. The losses stem from overly bureaucratic procedures for accessing EU funding at a Regional Agency and Central Government level.

This trend, says Sir Robert, is being replicated across the UK. The North West of England region for example, out of a possible £5138 million available, has claimed £516 million worth of EU funding, a measly 11.6% of the total available.

"It is particularly galling that across the UK, worthwhile projects cannot get off the ground because the government can't get its act together. It wraps up the procedures for accessing EU funding in so much red tape that it never gets to the people it is intended for.

To add insult to injury, there is an apparent face-saving exercise going on. In an attempt to make the situation not appear as bad as it is, the government is trying to re-design schemes so that it can match the funding criteria rather than spend money on what it was originally intended for. This lets down the people who should have had the funding and will result in more delay. The truth is that people in the UK are being let down by faceless bureaucrats who know they have failed but won't admit it."

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