Former Environment Minister and North West Conservative MEP Sir Robert Atkins, speaks out against the proposed wind farm near Rochdale.

A month-long public inquiry into plans to build a wind farm on moors near Rochdale is under way.

The wind farm is a joint proposal from United Utilities and Peel Holdings. The two companies want to build 26 wind turbines on the moors above Rochdale between Knowl Moor and Scout Moor in Lancashire.

Each of the turbines will be two thirds the size of the Blackpool Tower and are designed to bring green electricity to thousands of homes

But there is huge opposition locally: local authorities and some residents have lodged complaints claiming that the wind farm will spoil the landscape and create too much noise from spinning blades. They also claim that it will damage local archaeological and ecological sites.

The inquiry is expected to take nearly a month and a government inspector will then make a final decision about whether or not the wind farm will be built.

Sir Robert said:

“These turbines scar the landscape, are a danger to birdlife and create a noisy intrusion. I was opposed to them when I was a Minister and I have not changed my mind. Nuclear power is the only realistic power generator for the future.”

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